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Logo Design

Nothing says more about your business brand than your logo. It is often the first thing clients will see and first impressions count.

Our considerable experience in creating quality and highly effective logo designs for clients has helped us to understand your requirements in more detail. To this aim we have now created a logo specifications checklist, which once completed by you provides your exact requirements to your project designer. It is important to consider that a logo is often a prospective customer's first opportunity to familiarise themselves with your brand. Therefore it is essential to make a lasting impression.

The information and input we receive from you is central to our design process and we will work closely with you at every stage to develop a detailed specification addressing business and design objectives to ensure your project is a complete success. Looofa places a large emphasis on designing a logo that is unique, protrays your brand, is eye catching and memorable.

Business Card Design

Nothing says more about you and your business than a great looking business card.

Compliment Slip

Sometimes there is no need to use a letterhead when a good compliment slip will achieve the same result.


Any business communication such as letters and contracts should be printed on your business letterhead.

Flyers and Leaflets

A great way of running advertising camp[aigns is to use flyers and leaflets.


Sending clients a brochure of your products and services creates a great image.

Branded Merchandise

Sending branded pens, paper pads, mouse mats, calendars etc is great marketing.