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Were currently re-modeling the portfolio, please bare with us.

Monkey Minx

Web Design - Launched April 2009

Monkey Minx INDEPENDENT, CREATIVE, INTELLIGENT AND CONNECTED marketing and communications studio created to house a network of freelancers and consultants who have bundles of insights, experience and energy but are too tight to buy their own biscuits.

Our mantra is simple, “you may need a monkey sometimes a minx, without seeing the opportunity a problem will always remain a puzzle."

Visit the Money Minx website

Zaga Homes

Web Design - Launched March 2009

Zaga HomesZaga Homes is a top company in the real estate sector with more than 20 years experience. Our aim is to give the highest degree of service and satisfaction to each and every one of our clients.

Our quality guarantee is a fundamental element of our identity and therefore we always work with the finest products and the most personalised service for our clients.

Visit the Zaga Homes website

Churchill Conservatories

Web Design - Launched January 2009

Churchill ConservatoriesA company that specialise and pride themselves on building to your requirements with a fully bespoke design and installation service.
Classic designs by Churchill Conservatories add appeal and value to your home.

Churchill have supplied and installed conservatories in all areas of Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Middlesex and Kent.

Visit the Churcill Conservatories website

Kumba Creations

Web Design - Launched December 2008

Kumba CreationsKumba Creations was born from the inspiration of the west African coastline,The blessed and talented land that oozes artistry vibrancy and ancestral ties.This continent has a history steeped in natural designs nature and warm love.Although separated from the western world, it was destined that one day the creativity Of Africa would merge with the contemporary elements of Europe.Bringing to the western hemisphere something different something new something called Kumba Creations.

Visit the Kumba Creations website

EAC Telecom

Web Design - Launched October 2008

EAC TelecomEAC Telecom are a Telecommunications Provider who design Telephone products specially for smaller businesses. The products are wholly compatible, relevant and effective for the Small and Medium size Enterprise - not just for the deep pockets of large corporate companies.

Visit the EAC Telecom website

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